Ford Ranger, UK 1 USA 0

January 12

Ford Ranger light truck has scored the UK award for number one  4×4 vehicle of the year 2013. Now what does that mean? Not a great deal but this vehicle is no longer available in the USA and obviously why, is the great sales record of the iconic Ford F150.

So for the rest of the world including the UK and Australia it noted to be a ever improving vehicle in the light commercial/truck vehicle market.

2013-Ford-RangerThe Ford Ranger as we have previously reported offers a damn good package offering a versatile work/ family vehicle.

Off road  its proving to be a popular choice but more to the point is its town and city capabilities.

Reported in the UK it was interesting to see that the 3.2 Turbo diesel engine of the ranger is high on the list as a option in the USA Ford  F150 2014.   This is a good demonstration of the compromise of a developing world car mainly the F150 in the years ahead. It seems possibly the long term goals of Ford is to produce a Ford F150/Ranger offering similar body styles and options but with the branding to suit the geography.  Could we be seeing in its infancy the future Ford F150? Could the factories in Asia and beyond be on a 5 year plan to produce one truck for the world? It makes sense. Highly plausible but thin ice for Ford on the marketing and branding in the future especially at home in the land of the free.

The USA world of vehicles is no different to any other country where a passion lies  for a brand. In Australia its the red V the Blue or Ford and Holden. Since the 1960’s Australians have had many a banter about what is better. In the USA this is also the case  but like many items of discussion the Ford/Chev and now Toyota discussion boils over to almost extreme right wing war.

I made the mistake recently to compare in a positive way on a USA website the differences between the Toyota Tundra and Ford F150 .


Here are the comments from three


Well this is one reason why Ford will have the work cut out to have any internal competition with the Ford F150 and or even try to muscle in with an alternative in the way of the Ranger.

But for now Ranger reigns supreme in the UK a sure sign of what the rest of the world is feeling  other than the US.

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