2013 Toyota Rav 4

December 03

Toyota Rav 4, consistance in the competitive world of Suv’s.

The Toyota Rav 4 has been a constant winner since its inception in the early 1990’s.

What started its life as a small fun style 4×4 has now developed into the godfather of SUV’s that to this day many manufactures try to copy in some way.

Toyota Rav 4 is still the choice of many buyers,  what is good now is that many makes have developed their own following but still after many changes, recalls and other assorted ups and downs the Toyota Rav 4 still reign supreme.

Drum-roll and here is the 2013 Rav 4.

2013 Rav 4 appears more refined in fact the appeal is shifting away from the bargain buyers. Its looking refines and Toyota have wisely not tried to join in the fight in the lower end of the


market keeping right away from the Hyundai, KIA and Chinese makes whatever they may be. Instead it competes withe the better quality vehicle. I used to say buy cheap buy Toyota but now the era of basics is being replaced by Value for money and price (resale)retention.

Check your resales, pay more now and in 5 years have a vehicle that has suffered  a smaller loss than  some of the budget vehicles  in today’s market. Ford Escape, Nissan dualis, KIA and Hyundai seemed to all fall short of resale.

2013, is the turning point for Rav 4 capturing a more  upmarket clientele.
Intro the Diesel,
In a bold Move 2013 is the year of the diesel, A big move but a positive one as the Australian market now is shifting to understand that diesel today is not the same as the rubbish that Australia produced once upon a time.  Now the 2.2 Turbo Diesel develops a clean, economic vehicle that performs very well.
This one will hang its hat on two vital statistic. The engine will produce 300Nm of torque, with two-thirds of that produced from just above idle, and have fuel consumption below 6.0L/100km.

Petrol also will see the V6 demise and the push on  a 133kW 2.5-litre four-cylinder( is near-identical to the one found in the Camry Altise) while the 102kW 2.0-litre is based on the unit from the Corolla Ultima sedan.A six-speed manual gearbox is standard with a six-speed automatic featuring a tip-shift function available as an option with the diesel and 2.5 petrol.

The Big unveil in LA 2012 (Above) Review (below)


Rav 4 The future.

The EV is set to make its move into the world of alternative fuel vehicles  this may take some time for the Australian market


“More important, an electric RAV4, dubbed the RAV4 EV, is expected to debut by year’s end. This will the first electric version of the RAV4 since 2003, but Toyota is hoping for a better result with the new version. The RAV4 EV is expected to be powered by batteries from Tesla Motors and to run at least 100 miles on a single charge.”

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