Just 4×4 Family Vehicles, off road and SUV’s

Has the 4 wheel drive vehicle had its day as the family mode of transport?  Well….. maybe, higher fuel prices, part costs, servicing, tyres, insurance the list goes on.

Yet…….. the 4 wheel drive or SUV today has developed into the urban go anywhere user vehicle.  The majority of purchasers now will have a defined reason for their purchase and the need that the vehicle is required for.

Toyota Rav 4 Australia 2013Specifications have now changed so has the four wheel drive buying public.

Like… towing, extra passengers and of course off road 4×4 usage and recreation purpose

Just 4×4 Vehicles ….Some things to look out for.

  • Popular make. Try and stay with the most popular in the price range you are aiming at.
  • History, avoid harsh or unconfirmed history, look hard and make an unemotional decision.
  • Consider the ease of repairs, parts and servicing on the vehicle.
  • Consider the possible resale if you plan on owning it for under 3 years.
  • Workability….. ensure the vehicle does what you want it to do!


    Latest  2013 RAV 4 Video

    Just four wheel drive vehicles everywhere !

    The new car market is awash with just whatever trends suit the manufacturers but for the buyer of a used 4×4 the market is full of peaks and troughs. Hummer in Australia     Hummer H4

    Always remember when buying an off road or four wheel drive commercial that the previous owner was not the little old school teacher who just drove to the shops on Saturday, but usually a person who bought it for the purpose for which it was built.

    Here we must assume that the 4×4 vehicle if graced with a history of very light usage will be a better proposition from the vehicle that has been towing 2.5 tonne around the country side.  Be aware of history!! We hope that just 4×4 sales helps in your purchase of your new Australian just 4×4 vehicles.

    Upon the proposed purchase of an off road 4×4 vehicle be aware of the vast array and assortment of vehicles available and on offer. LPG for Diesel

    The first thing you will learn is that there will only be one that will suit your every need and that one may be difficult to locate.  Occasionally some compromise may be needed to find the vehicle that matches your own personal needs to the generic requirements for the purpose for which it will be used.  No point towing that 2.4 tonne boat with a Suzuki Sierra UTE  even if it has the correct fuel consumption.  Obviously practical needs rate highly on the purchase of your 4×4 vehicle. Buying that 4×4

    Note as the 4×4 sales market is changing especially in Australia some 4×4 style vehicles are  or soon will be available in a 4×2 configuration. This can be added value for the buyer wanting a 4×4 vehicle for reasons other than having a off road capability. Chrysler Jeep Compass  

    Just 4×4 ….Buy four wheel drive vehicles with caution

    In Australia any information relating to capacities and modifications must conform with your local government laws and regulations. Just 4×4 sales Australia tries to generalize but please check with your local state govt. or motoring body to confirm relevant information. Buying a 4×4

    Motoring bodies include RAA, RACQ, NRMA, RACV, Check you local for Perth,  Adelaide,  Melbourne, Sydney,  Darwin NT,  Canberra( NSW),  Hobart  and Brisbane.

    Also when you are able local govt motoring bodies offer V check, investigate this option for checking vehicles history and write off  status. Go to VIC ROADS, Motor reg S.A , QLD transport or similar in your sate or territory 



      Shop around find a reputable 4×4 vehicle dealer.  Look towards maybe government auctions.  Beware the private vehicles sold by Auction.  If buying by auction try to ascertain vehicle condition and be fully aware that you are buying the vehicle as is and no warranty is applicable,  plus check the additional costs eg. buyers premium that auctions will put onto the final bid price.  Also be aware of additional GST (Australia) that may be charged. 

      If buying a late model Australian 4×4 look towards the franchise dealer that offers after sale service.  Know what you want and don’t fear negotiating for that great deal on your new four wheel drive. Use Auctions for market information.

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      Looking for information on 4×4 Ford F250 vehicles try www.f250     2012fordf150   

      Commercial vehicles in Australia Commercial vehicles. net

      Just 4×4 sales covering all states in Australia. Queensland,  N.S.W, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, A.C.T, Northern Territory .

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  1. Jesse

    August 11, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    To whom it may concern,

    Just wondering to how I can sell my Toyota landcruiser that I have spent a lot of time modifying?



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